How to be the alpha male of the beach

Everything was there, his sexual intent proudly carried by his dominant body language, his predatory glance, sharper than a laser beam from the LHC, his manly attributes unapologetically presented in a tight package. But remember, there is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous, so keep calm and Jiu Jitsu. (credit:lolmma)

Oxytocin against approach anxiety

Assburger PUAs can rejoice, this is the From Assburger to Alpha Male Method™!! According to this article, oxytocin can treat your approach anxiety, and take you to the next level, the level of a normal person!! source: puahate Edit 05/01/2012 : found this great article on the Wall Street Journal: The Trust Molecule  

Bitcoin and PUA companies: parody becomes reality

In this parodic and hilarious post : Get Bicoins, get laid I wrote in June 2001: “In our Dangerous Alpha Male Bootcamp®, we will teach you how to buy Bitcoins and transfer them to the Bitcoin addresses of our instructors! Our dedicated bootcamp instructors (Gods amongst men) work all over the world with tourist visas to teach …