Bitcoin and PUA companies: parody becomes reality

In this parodic and hilarious post : Get Bicoins, get laid I wrote in June 2001:

“In our Dangerous Alpha Male Bootcamp®, we will teach you how to buy Bitcoins and transfer them to the Bitcoin addresses of our instructors! Our dedicated bootcamp instructors (Gods amongst men) work all over the world with tourist visas to teach you how to become an alpha male and a Pick-up Artist. They LOVE to be paid in Bitcoins so they don’t have to pay taxes in any country!”

Now guess what? according to this Reddit post, VenusianArts, the company of the infamous Mystery and Matador sent a message to all their nerdy customers:

“Hi everyone. Over at Venusian Arts we’ve taken notice of your (sic) new “Bitcoin” currency.

The $30 price point, reached earlier this year, was a little bit concerning to us, but now it seems to have leveled out, so I went ahead and added “Buy Now with Bitcoin” links to our sales pages for our ebook and our dvd set. (Hopefully the wild swings in BTC price are done, since our interest is in using it as a currency, not as an investment vehicle.)

If this works out, then I’m going to add “Bitcoin Buy Now” links for our seminars and live trainings as well. Thank you all for your efforts in bringing us a payment processor for the future, since everyone knows that merchant accounts suck balls.”  (October 2011)

Mystery with girlfriend


As I am a dedicated journalist and professional blogger, I verified this information and it is true, if you go to and click on the products, for example a DVD, you will be redirected to one of these “internet marketing” landing pages and at the bottom you will notice the Bitcoin logo in all its glory:


Bitcoin PUA


This is perfect on many levels, with VenusianArts accepting the nerd-currency, my mom will not notice that I buy PUA products. Also great move by Venusian Arts as this has been advertised for free on all the Bitcoin forums and websites: sex + bitcoins = perfect nerd bait.