Oxytocin against approach anxiety

Assburger PUAs can rejoice, this is the From Assburger to Alpha Male Methodâ„¢!! According to this article, oxytocin can treat your approach anxiety, and take you to the next level, the level of a normal person!! source: puahate Edit 05/01/2012 : found this great article on the Wall Street Journal: The Trust Molecule  

Get Bitcoins, get laid

Nerd. Listen carefully: Dollars: Beta Euro: Beta Bitcoins: Alpha as fuck Bitcoin is the new alpha currency!  This is what real Alpha Males can get after they farmed 1000 Bitcoins : But what is a Bitcoin exactly? If you’re a nerd, check it out on wikipedia, if you are an alpha male, check out this …


Grow a manly beard

The other day, a hot co-worker of mine (female!) complimented me about my beard. I had not shaven it for weeks due to extreme lazyness. Surprise, surprise. She commented how full and unpatchy it was. (oh baby…) So that is the lesson for today : if you can grow nice manly beard : do it. …


Have a MacGyver moment

MacGyver moment : you pick up junk and hastily create something useful out of it, and then everybody goes “wow, I can’t believe it’s actually working”. In my opinion, there’s nothing more primal and artistic than a McGyver-type creation. Your brain rewards you with a large dose of dopamine and your climb the hierarchy of …