The Reptilian Alpha Male

They are different types of alphas and the easiest one to recognize is what I like to call the reptilian alpha male., in reference to the reptilian brain, yes this is total pseudo-science but I invent my own lingo and that’s why I am so cool. What I mean by that is the most primal way to be alpha and dominant.

alpha monkey

A reptilian alpha male can be low in the social ladder, stupid, it’s unrelated to his social status or intelligence, but everything about him projects physical dominance. Many people refer to him as the “douchebag”.

If you are a nerd on your way to become an alpha male, you shouldn’t try to mimic a reptilian alpha male, first because you will probably never be congruent with it, but most of all because you should become who you want to be, or become who you are deeper inside, which is contradictory with mimicking another person’s behaviour.

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